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  • MedikTV “LIVE NOW” Event

    6th December 2012, Kuala Lumpur

    MedikTV is a new integrated electronic media that features a variety of health programmes, awareness campaigns and current health issues relevant to the public. It is the official broadcaster of the Ministry of Health (MoH) and has exclusive rights to broadcast in all government hospitals and clinics nationwide. As one of the initiatives under the Economic Transformation Program (ETP), MedikTV fully supports the Government’s efforts to improve the living standards of Malaysians by improving healthcare services and awareness of key health issues.

    MedikTV is a public private partnership that relies solely on advertising revenue to support its large capital investment and ongoing operations. One of the objectives of MedikTV is to educate the public and encourage it to keep abreast of current information on health using the latest media network. In support of this effort, the public can access and obtain medical – related and healthy lifestyle information by logging on to this website or interact with MedikTV vis facebook and twitter in order to obtain the latest updates.